3.14. Timetable

Timetable is your time scheduler, where each user may setup his own calendar. Events or tasks being put here may be also visible for other users and consist a list of assigned clients, which make this tool usable for service crew management.

There is an additional lms-reminder script, which may be executed periodically to remind users about their pending tasks.

3.14.1. Timetable (Task list)

Main timetable shows list of days starting from day which is selected from calendar popup. A number of days displayed depends on timetable_days_forward configuration option and defaults to 7 days. From task list you might print a day plan or go to event edit screen.

3.14.2. New event

You can add new task to the Timetable by selecting short title and start date and time (or time span). All other fields are optional. By selecting 'private' option you can hide current event from the other users, so that it will be visible only for event creator. This feature allows you to run your own, private calendar.

3.14.3. Search

You can search in Timetable by the following criteria: time span (start and end date), client affected, client or fragment of text in title, event description or its notes. List of results will include events that match all entered criteria.