3.13. Helpdesk

Helpdesk (or Request Tracker) is customer request management system. It's possible to keep history of all requests and questions here, both reported by customers and users not registered in LMS database. Reports can be grouped in queues (categories) and you're able to search them for a given criteria. It's possible to define access rights for LMS users to each queue.

You have quick search box in left (menu) panel, which may be used to jump to appropriate ticket giving ticket id or reporter name. Searching by reporter name will give a list of all tickets available for this user.

Each ticket includes history built on messages sent by administrators (LMS users) and customers. Administrator may send his message to customer specifying recipient name and clicking 'Submit/Send', email will be sent with queue address as sender, or - if it's empty - LMS user address. All messages, including those sent, are recorder in ticket history. Each ticket may be in one of the states: new, opened, resolved or dead.

Please look at lms-rtparser script which has been developed to support incoming requests and outgoing comments by your mail server.

3.13.1. Queues List

Basic information and request statistics are available on queues list. Select and click on chosen queue to display all tickets belonging to it. You can also go to detailed view (including permissions) about queue or remove given queue. Removing queue will also remove all belonging tickets from database.

3.13.2. New queue

Queue (category) contains a name, optional description and optional email address, used in correspondence. 'Permissions' table defines LMS users access to this queue, which overrides those set in 'Administration', which means, that the user who has 'full access' permissions won't be able to see queue and tickets placed in it until he's given access to that queue. Enabling 'write' (tickets and comments edit ability) to user automatically gives him 'read' access. 'Notices' privilege is used to notify users about new tickets. If 'newticket_notify' option is enabled all users with this privilege will get notifications by email.

3.13.3. Searching

Tickets are searchable by all given criteria (AND not OR). You can provide subject, owner, queue, status and reporter for your search. Customers may be selected from drop-down list, unregistered users may be searched by name or email address.

3.13.4. New ticket

For each new ticket you need to provide subject, content, queue and reporter. Unregistered users (not in customers database) should be recorded using 'Submitter' fields. You can provide email address (in both registered/unregistered cases) if ticket will be running via email.

3.13.5. Reports

Here you can print requests list and helpdesk statistics: