Chapter 8. Extensions

Table of Contents
8.1. Customer account
8.1.1. Intro
8.1.2. Installation
8.2. Customer account 2
8.2.1. Intro
8.2.2. Installation
8.3. SQL Panel
8.3.1. Intro
8.3.2. Installation
8.4. Squid redirector
8.4.1. Intro
8.4.2. Installation

This chapter describes additional modules and implementations which extend LMS functionality. Some of them need to be adjusted for user's own need, some of them integrate with LMS-UI interface. All extensions are located in contrib subdirectory.

8.1. Customer account

8.1.1. Intro

In contrib/customer directory you can find example solution, which displays financial balance and contact information for a given user, which makes possible for your customers to view this data themselves.

Script checks IP address for request and displays data which is relevant to computer's owner.

For proxy users, people not checking from home or to those who don't intend that they children/spouse/workers are able to see their financial data there's "Customer account 2" module.

8.1.2. Installation

You should copy those files to any path and make it accessible to your Web Server, or set appropriate alias (eg. Alias /myAccount/ /var/www/lms/contrib/customer) and put correct path to lms.ini in index.php.