3.6. IP Networks

You can define all your networks here. Network is IP address pool with parameters such as domain, DNSes, default gateway and DHCP pool. If you use LMS to manage numerous networks or you use numerous address pools, it's possible to define them here.

3.6.1. List

Among basic data about network, each record contains information about address space conservation - you can see summary of assigned and free addresses. You're able to modify network properties after you click on selected network or by clicking 'Edit' icon.

During edit you are able to browse list of nodes connected to this network, node name will appear instead of IP number if that number is occupied. If you click on free IP address, without any computer assigned to it, new computer form will appear. There are also other features available for your convenience: Put in order will readdress computers so that there's no gap in the list and Reassign the network to move all nodes from one network to another.

3.6.2. New Network

Defines a new network. Network needs to have unique name and address pool, defined by its IP address and netmask. All other data is optional.

Physical interfaces, IP aliases and vlans are recognized in below manner: