3.10. Messages

Messages is a component where you can spam groups of your customers with email or sms messages.

3.10.1. List

On the list you have a history of sent messages. You can sort them using filter. Clicking on the message record moves you to information page with message content and list of recipients. On the list you have delivery status of every (sub)message.

3.10.2. New message

To send a message you should specify appropriate group of recipients, type of message (email/sms). Your attendance can be grouped by status, network or customer/node groups, etc.

In message body you can use variables, which will be replaced by customer data:

%customer - name/lastname and forename
%balance - balance value (with sign)
%cid - customer ID
%pin - customer PIN
%last_10_in_a_table - last 10 operations on customer account
%bankaccount - bank account number

3.10.3. Configuration

Your server has to support PEAR::Mail for this to send email messages. If you use mail server on remote host, you will need to set options smtp_host, smtp_port, smtp_username, smtp_password in [mail] section.

Here we've got the list of configuration options for mailing. These options should be placed in [mail] section.

SMS configuration is more complex. Forst of all you have to define a service type to use. This could be a SMS gateway or some software installed on LMS server (e.g. gnokii, smstools). For SMS configuration options [sms] section is intended: