3.8. Documents

Non-financial documents can be found direct on customer's page or in 'Documents' menu. In LMS you can store prepared files in many formats or generate new ones with user-defined templates. This feature is most interesting because makes possible to create expanded plugins. Plugins can provide many actions not limited to just printout generation.

3.8.1. List

List consist basic infos about all documents i.e. number, title type, creation date, obligation dates and customer name. Simple filter let you documents searching by type and/or customer.

3.8.2. New document

Documents can be created with templates made accordingly to rules described in section Other documents. Those can be also prepared files, which will be uploaded to server. Each document should have defined title and type. Additionally you might define it's time span (time until when it's valid) and description. Documents can be numbered with any numbering plan defined in system.

3.8.3. Documents Generator

Generator provides possibility to create documents according to selected template group of customers. With option 'Print' you can print generated documents but only if they are of html type.


For performance reasons is recommended to use templates optimized for generator and to not print many (hundreds) documents (possible browser hang).

3.8.4. Access Rights

Here you can define users access for specified actions (read, create, write, confirm, edit, delete) on documents by their types.